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Launch post, or why this blog

Here’s a little story: when I was in high school and college, I had a knack for studying science topics outside of my curriculum. Problem is, I could not spend too much time on this, and I always had this annoying feeling that most of my efforts were wasted due to lack of structure in my learning process: I would forget things I read a few chapters earlier, would spend too much time on a specific detail I was interested in, and would generally feel overwhelmed by the information I found on the Web.

Ever since then, I’ve developed an obsession for ways to support my learning and cope with the information overload that comes with my continuously growing list of interests. I ended up graduating in software engineering, as I loved programming tools to do just this.

This is what this blog will be about: tools, concepts and techniques to support learning (from an individual perspective), help structure personal knowledge and deal with the information firehose is every day directed at the connected man.

Humble welcome to my site!