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This blog is about a few topics of interest to me, mostly programming and personal knowledge management. Originally, I had two blogs for these topics, which I have now merged, and this one was previously concerned with PKM only. Therefore here’s a guide to the PKM part of the site.

Due to my work in the last few years, it’s probable most future posts will be about large-scale data analytics and architectures, as well as machine learning and neural nets.

About me

I’m a software developer focusing on Big Data and web applications. Recently I’ve worked for Symbility Solutions, mostly participating in data organisation for a data warehouse project, and for Steerads, a startup that aimed to build an Internet advertising real-time bidding engine based on “deep learning” (for more information on the exact meaning of this otherwise vague-sounding term, see this paper).

A few years ago I was a grad student (MSc) in computer science at Université de Montréal, at LISA, supervised by Yoshua Bengio. More specifically, I was studying machine learning and deep neural networks. I completed my Masters degree in September 2011. My thesis is in French, available here: “Réseaux de neurones à relaxation entraînés par critère d’autoencodeur débruitant”.

Rewinding a bit further, I graduated in Software Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal in May 2008.

There used to be much yada yada here about how I got involved with computers. In summary, I began programming at around 10 years old, and my programming experience since then has been rather varied. In my teen years, I mostly worked on Web-oriented projects, touching a bit of everything, mostly graphic design and backend programming (Perl, PHP, …). Out of high school, I migrated towards more traditional (or general purpose) languages, like Java and C++, out of personal interest and academic requirements. After graduation, I turned towards “rich web applications” (jQuery and Django, mostly) and iPhone apps. For personal projects, I tend to use Python nowadays.

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