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Small Android self-survey app

For some time I had this annoying itch of wanting to be able to quantify some basic life stuff: time spent sleeping, sports, etc. This is in the spirit of the Quantified Self movement. However I hadn’t found a simple app that would allow me to customize the Q&A format I wanted.

A few months ago I switched to an Android smartphone, and I figured it’d be a great opportunity to play with Android development. I spent two days or so coding this “self-survey” app to fill the basic need. Based on a flat-file question specification format I defined, I can create new surveys quite simply, but of course it’s not that user-friendly 🙂 However it’s very efficient to use and the data is then easily usable in a sort-of-CSV format I can simply grab from the internal storage.

The format allows for 4 types of questions: checkbox, multiple choice answers, free text, and something I call “button array” which is handy for entering time spent on something like sleep at various points in the day.

I don’t want to take the time to polish & publish it on the appstore. Anyway at this point it’s not that user-friendly; it’s best used by programmers. It would take much more time to add the survey-creation, graphs etc. that a full app of this kind needs. As I like to deal with raw data and use existing tools for graphing, I personally don’t mind. Don’t hesitate to fork and add that kind of functionality, though!

Code on github.

(EDIT: as I mention in a comment below, to run the app you need to compile it. My logic here was that the app didn’t have much use to non-programmers anyway, as so many bits are missing)

I still need to add comments and documentation. This is a work in progress.