Simple Javascript memory game

Here’s a little memory game I just finished, using jQuery. It’s very bare bones, and I might add features to it, but it works, doesn’t have a bunch of ads floating around (like most do on the Web), and the board size can be changed (up to 60 total cards for the moment).

For the context: when we launched Clusterify, one of the early projects I proposed was a simple “matching pairs” game. Some almost-complete code I wrote up has been sitting on my computer ever since, just needing a few last fixes, and the addition of actual pictures. So I did those last fixes, adapted stock photos for it, and now here’s the game.


  • 2010.02.22: as per a commenter’s (Jebadiah’s) suggestion, added a score and a timer. Also, images are now shuffled so the last ones (cats and birds) show up in the smaller grid.


  1. Jebadiah Moore:

    Perhaps add a timer and a score (clicks vs correct matches)?

  2. Francois:

    Heh sure 😛 I just wanted the simplest thing possible for starters, but indeed timer and score are pretty basic. It’s coming sometime in the week.

  3. Francois:

    Done: added score and timer. Thanks for the input.

  4. Pierre-Luc:

    Pretty cool application. I played a few times, and noticed that the timer does not properly reset when you start a new game. Other than that, it works pretty well, and can get addictive quickly. Good job on that.

  5. Francois:

    Thanks PL for spotting this. That was a quick fix (I’m programming too much Python, too little JavaScript these days: I had “self._timerSeconds” instead of “this._timerSeconds” somewhere).

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