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Clean up webpages for easier reading with Readability

I just discovered Readability via the Academic Productivity blog. Similar in intention to the Aardvark extension I posted about a few months ago, it allows you to reformat a page for easier reading: grab only the main content, change the font to a format of your choice. All through a configurable bookmarklet. In contrast to Aardvark, though, Readability does all of this automatically.

I tried it on a few sites I visit frequently and it seems pretty solid for the most part. On the other hand, it failed on this page. Creating an algorithm to find the main content is quite hard, though, which is why I thought previously a program automating the procedure would not surface. Yet I think it’s still a valuable tool: try it on a page; if it works: great, otherwise use something like Aardvark or deal with dancing bananas and ads for ever more efficient diets.

Google CADIE and studies in machine learning

Given recent Google’s developments in artificial intelligence, it seems the field has reached a very exciting milestone! The first artificial soul humanity produced has developed a surprising personality, though.

This seems like a good context to announce that this September I’ll be starting a master in computer science, more specifically machine learning, at Université de Montréal. And that was decided before April 1st, if you’re wondering 🙂

This blog might therefore turn towards such topics as neuroscience, AI, cognitive science and Zen philosophy.